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Welcome to bubublog!

Posted by bububooks on April 27, 2009

I’ve started this blog to get the word out about why bububooks’ mission is so important.  Also, it’s an opportunity to discuss awesome multicultural children’s books and to highlight multicultural authors and others who are contributing to the development of this field.  Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.  I look forward to our discussions.

-In 2006, 40% of American children were non-white.
-One in four children under the age of five are Latino.
-Yet a ridiculously high percentage of children’s books have the main character as white or are written by white authors. 

While I cherish the myriad of amazing children’s books available, children need characters with whom they can identify.  Further, for recent immigrant children, learning English and American culture can be overwhelming.  Think back to your study abroad experience.  Could you imagine doing that as a five year old and not by choice?  Or if you’re multiracial, think back to some of the confusing cultural clashes you had at home.  While funny now, I’m sure you can appreciate the confusion an immigrant child might experience.  But could even your experience have been less confusing if you had these types of books in your home?  I think so!  I didn’t realize how much my Korean culture was infused in me until I was an adult, but I always knew I was a little different from the white children while growing up.

The books offered at bububooks.com are all bilingual–currently in Chinese/English and Spanish/English–and are not just intended for children of color.  As diverse as America is, these books can be read by ALL children!

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