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Success at WBDC’s Child Care Business Expo

Posted by bububooks on May 21, 2009

Laura and Kia represented bububooks Saturday, May 16, 2009, at the Women’s Business Development Center’s Child Care Business Expo in Chicago, Ill.  We enjoyed great success and met many fantastic and amazing women entrepreneurs.

WBDC is an organization that helps women entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business ventures.  bububooks exhibited at WBDC’s 11th Annual Child Care Business Expo.  This Expo serves as “an energizing day of reflection and action, providing access to creative solutions to today’s business issues and to a much-needed network of resources and support.”  Women who have already opened a childcare center or plan to—either an in home or stand alone facility—attended the Expo, which was offered in both English and Spanish.  We were excited to be a part of this event, one that is “aggressively addressing the critical lack of quality child care in Illinois and providing business support to this booming industry sector.”

Kia and Laura met so many women and thought it was great to see so much support for bububooks.  Many instantly appreciated our mission and how it complements theirs.  We certainly had a great time connecting and sharing our story and vision!  Even monolingual women or women whose children are mostly monolingual shared their appreciation for the cultural exposure these books offer.  We had a lot of fun, nearly cleaned out our inventory, learned a lot, and, hopefully, made an impact.

Thank you for your enduring support and encouragement.  We wish all the ladies tremendous success in their childcare ventures.

For more information on the Women’s Business Development Center, please visit: http://www.wbdc.org.


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