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bububooks’ Top 10 Summer Reading List for Spanish/English Books

Posted by bububooks on June 22, 2009

Summer break is in full swing.  We’ve listed our top ten books for summer reading below as well as Laura’s review of each of them.  Buy them at www.bububooks.com for your kids’ enjoyment during the summer break!

1. My First Book of Proverbs/ Mi primer libro de dichos

Brilliantly illustrated, this book offers insight into Mexican proverbs or “kisses of language.”  With an introduction by Sandra Cisneros, this book is a hit with parents and children alike!

2. Somos un arco iris / We Are a Rainbow

This book openly discusses the issues children face as they get to know each other’s cultures.  I like it because Nancy María Grande Tabor focuses on cultural similarities and differences as well as the misunderstandings and happiness friends experience together as they grow.  Beautifully illustrated by her own construction paper cutouts, this book serves as a great introduction into building cultural identities.

3. Celebrations / Celebraciones: Holidays of the United States of America and Mexico / Dias feriados de los Estados Unidos y Mexico

Another one of my favorites, Tabor highlights the various holidays in America and Mexico, their importance and how they are celebrated. 

4. In My Family/En mi familia

Carmen Lomas Garza brings another fascinating book to us.  She takes her readers through life with her family ranging from earaches to cooking to special days.  Included with her magnificent paintings, this book takes us into Latino culture as experienced by Garza.

5. Cincuenta en la cebra: contando con los animales / Fifty on the Zebra: Counting with the Animals

This book and #6 are fantastic interactive books.  Using her trademark construction paper artwork, Tabor offers an opportunity for you to practice the alphabet (in Spanish AND English) and counting with your child.  On each page, Nancy Tabor introduces a letter/number followed by questions such as, “Can you find two candles?” and “Is if a fat cat or a skinny cat?”  These books will keep you and your child occupied for hours!

6. Albertina anda arriba: el abecedario / Albertina Goes Up: An Alphabet Book

See #5.

7. The Woman who Outshone the Sun/La mujer que brillaba aún más que el sol

Adapted from a Mexican folktale, this story shares the importance of treating others with kindness.  With a lesson that transcends various cultural differences throughout the world, this book offers a folktale most American children will never know.  Its beauty in the story is also reflected in the artwork.

8. Angel’s Kite/ La estrella de Angel

I love this story because it is magical.  Alberto Blanco draws you in, making you follow the kite with your whole heart, eager to see what happens.  And the ending just makes you happy!

9. Baby Rattlesnake/Viborita de cascabel

Baby Rattlesnake is a Native American tale that offers valuable lessons for children.  I love it because it illustrates its theme so clearly and colorfully.  This story is one of my favorite’s to read out loud to children.

10.  Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems/Jitomates Risueños y otros poemas de primavera

While I love all four of the poem books by Francisco Alarcón, I think this one is my favorite because springs if my favorite season.  In this book, Alarcón shares poems about spring, great food, holidays, fruits, gardens and his beloved grandma.  Each poem works into its structure colorful illustrations.  I highly recommend all four books.

There you have it.  The Top 10 books we like for the summer.  Feel free to email us for any other recommendations at service@bububooks.com.  Enjoy your summer!


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